Ronald McDonald House

“They truly care about my family. They go around and talk to every family. And really listen to us. They are here for us and not for just the couple of hours they are feeding us; but whenever they are needed. That is a blessing!”

“They gave me their phone number.”

“The wonderful comforting meal the F.R.O.G.s do in such a fun way is a special treat I look forward too.”

“YES! Are they bringing dinner tonight? Will Freddie be here?”

"Above are just a few of the comments one hears if they were to ask anyone at the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth about THE F.R.O.G.’s. This group of fun compassionate people are a blessing, a gift from God. They become chic waiters and waitresses while the dining hall becomes an elegant restaurant with tablecloths and center pieces; and if only for a minute, a parent can maybe push back that consuming fear for their sick child. That is certainly a blessing if not a miracle. The meal is wonderful too!

To me, working the Ronald McDonald House when the F.R.O.G.s serve their meals, I think the greatest blessing given to the House by Coleson’s F.R.O.G is that these Christians have the ability to become what the person they are talking to needs them to become.  The tearful Mom needs to just talk, a silent F.R.O.G. is standing there holding her hand and listening. A Mom and Dad need a moment alone and a F.R.O.G is happily moving their children to another table to color and play.  A parent sits and stares at the table and a F.R.O.G. walks by gently touching their arm or shoulder to let them know they are not alone.  And last but not least, lets a family ask for prayers or to pray, and one can’t beat the F.R.O.G.s away. It is a thrill to witness God’s use of these kindhearted peoples’ ministry, to pass His touch, His hugs, and His tears onto the families. 

And, to have the touch of God in the House - now that is a blessing!"

-Carolyn Hamilton
Fourth Weekend Manager & Teen Volunteers Facilitator

Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth

F.R.O.G Family

I was asked in what ways has Coleson's Frog touched our lives. When I started to think about it, I realized there are a lot more ways than I ever expected. I found that there are people out there that really care, not just the fake kinda care, but real. It was amazing to see the real fruits of a true Christian that showed they were truly there to come and just sit with us when we didn't have a clue what to do. 

My son was diagnosed with Nuroblastoma at 5 & 1/2 months old. We live in west Texas in a small town of Monahans.  We had to travel to Fort Worth for his Chemo treatment leaving behind our three beautiful kids Niya (13), Maeve (12), and Ivan (9) at home with my mother in law to take care of them.

Gavin is a twin, and Elijah came with us. It was very challenging because we didn't know anyone in Fort Worth. We met Julie at the Ronald MC Donald House a few weeks after being there. She step right in and just offered to help in any kind of way. I didn't know what to think at first.  Only because of the history we have had with people.  We  have never met anyone like her and her family. 

At one point Elijah had gotten the flu, so he and I were not allowed to go to the hospital for 2 weeks. We had no way of getting food, diapers, soap, or anything. She would bring me and my husband Steve food and anything else we needed, first to the hospital then to the hotel. I knew it was a lot to ask someone and was hesitant, but the way she acted was like it was just part of the day. I never had that feeling after she left. I sat on the bed eating an awesome meal and realized this is real! And what I mean by that, she is a direct reflection of Coleson's Frog and it touches my heart in such a profound way that I knew not only are we a Frog family, but we had met a true family of God. She is my sister in Christ.

Around Easter time we were just getting out of the hospital from getting chemo, and we were not allowed to leave Fort Worth for Gavin's health. They invited us to their family's home for an Easter meal and to hunt for eggs. This was the boys' first Easter. I was really disappointed that we could not go home and be with all of our children for this important day. But when we showed up, they had baskets and presents for the boys. We ate a wonderful meal, had a really good time with (now our second family), and hunted for eggs. It was a special time.  Never once did we feel out of place or left out. We belonged there at that time. It made me see true love for others. You could clearly see God's love pouring from the Coleson's Frog family.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop with this...what touched me the most is when it was my mine and my husband's 14th anniversary.  She watched the twins so he and I could go to Dave & Buster's for the first time. I have never left any of our kids with anyone but my mother in law, but I felt peace and knew my babies were in really good hands. Never felt at peace with someone like I did with them, and again I saw God' s acceptance, love, peace, and understanding.  And I say to anyone that becomes a part of this wonderful ministry you will be blessed, and you will meet one of the most giving, understanding families in this world. We should all take note of how Coleson's frog has touched our lives.

Thank you for being a most wonderful blessing to me and my family.

-Corriane Venegas